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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I make myVmarks my home page?
  2. Open menu Tools->Options->General. In field Home Page Location type:
  3. How can I make myVmarks startup with windows?
  4. Follow the instructions above for making myVmarks your start/home page. Then just copy the Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator shortcut to your Windows/Start Up Folder.
  5. Why does myVmarks sometimes make me relogin after using the software for awhile?
  6. For security reasons, the myVmarks program will log you off after 1 hour of inactivity. Just type in your username and password to login again.
  7. How do I Add a Vmark?
  8. The easiest way to add Vmarks while you are surfing is to use the VmarkIt link bar or Firefox extension. View the help section for more information.
  9. How do I import my current favorites or bookmarks?
  10. After logging in to your Vmarks account, click Tools and then Import Favorites/Bookmarks.
  11. After I type my username and password and click LOGIN nothing happens.
  12. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, please allow pop-up windows from We open only a single pop-up window that the myVmarks program runs in. We do not use pop-up advertising at all.
  13. Where can I get more information about the myVmarks Firefox Plugin?
  14. Please click here to view more information about the myVmarks Firefox plugin.
  15. How can I organize and reorder my vmarks and folders?
  16. You can use standard drag-and-drop or right-click cut / paste functions to organize and order your vmarks and folders.

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