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Why Use myVmarks?
Why Use myVmarks?

Have you ever found yourself in front of your home computer, racking your brain for the one particular site that you had located while working at school or office?
(Access your bookmarks anywhere!)

Have you ever been bothered by the fact that your bookmark files are on the home PC, where everyone -- your parents, kids or friends have access to them?
(Keep your bookmarks private!)

Have you ever found yourself scribbling URLs on small pieces of paper while working at a public access machine, wishing that there were an easier way to bookmark a particular site?
(Add to your bookmarks from anywhere!)

How many hours have you spent trying to make sure that the bookmark files on the home computer and the office machine are synchronized?
(Keep your bookmarks synchronized on all your machines!)

How many times have you told yourself that one of these days you will clean your bookmarks, and get rid of ALL the URLs in your bookmark files that you don't need or that simply don't go anywhere anymore?
(Keep your bookmarks organized!)

Doesn't it give you the chills to think that at this moment someone else may be going through your bookmark files on your home or office computer?
(Keep your bookmarks private!)

Have you ever been told that you cannot transfer the bookmarks that you have painstakingly collected over the years because the browser/OS you are now using does not support the bookmark files of the older browser?
(Never start your bookmark file over again!)

How many times have you said a silent prayer that your computer hard drive does not crash, with all the important URLs still sitting on the drive?
(Keep your bookmarks backed up!)

myVmarks can take care of all these issues for you!

No software to download! No Fees to Pay! Use it on any computer! FREE!

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